STR!VE is a project aimed at encouraging women to speak up about the issues affect them. Running successfully in Leicester for 5 years, it has built up a relationship of trust with women, in both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Our consultants, Rumena Choudhury and Sumaiya Mulla, have proven experience of engaging and addressing difficult subjects with women from varied ethnic and faith backgrounds. Recently they completed a Forced Marriage project, which brought a creative and thought-provoking approach to this controversial issue, through an interactive exhibition in schools, colleges and community groups.

Currently they’re working on a project called Raising Voices which is a programme that helps train Muslim women, with a focus on Alimahs (religious female scholars), to become the leaders of the future, by addressing issues of extremism, radicalisation, citizenship and democracy.


Rumena Choudhury

My name is Rumena Choudhury. I was born and bred in Leicester and my background is Law. Although I’ve always worked and volunteered, it dawned on me that I wanted more from life, and this is how STR!VE was born. I was aware that there was a hunger and desire to do more for women in our community, which is why I wanted STR!VE to be a place where women from all backgrounds could come and seek advice, help and be empowered. STR!VE has come a long way and would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from the women in our community, and I hope STR!VE continues to inspire them.

Sumaiya Mulla

My name is Sumaiya Mulla and I was born and raised in Leicester, where I also gained a BA in Politics and a Masters in International Relations and World Order from the University. My biggest achievement was setting up STR!VE in 2008 following a conversation in a coffee shop about the lack of support for women on sensitive issues. When I have time, my hobbies include reading and going out with friends and family. I love baking cakes and making desserts, and the list of places I’d like to visit is endless.