Our Network: Alimahs

Str!ve works with a growing network of female Muslim scholars in the UK. These women do incredible work within our communities, offering guidance in schools, madrassas and the home. These Alimahs have studied the Quran in depth, the Hadith (sayings of the prophet pbuh), Fiqh (jurisprudence) and Tareekh (history of Islam).


Muslim scholars can often appear aloof, but these women are very much grounded in the community. Even so, trying to reach out to them has proved diffcult in the past as people are often unaware how to get in touch with their local Alimah.

Str!ve has now created a way to overcome this. Just send us your questions or comments to our network of Alimahs using the form below. Once received, we will pass on your questions to one of the scholars, and email you back their response.

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