Workshops: Raising Voices

The Raising Voices workshops cover a whole host of topics. These range from threats posed by extremism to honour based violence. We tailor the workshops to each specific audience, whether that’s teachers, the police, or social services.

These workshops will advise you on how to spot the signs of radicalisation, deliver insights into the theology of Islam, give an overview of the British Muslim community and highlight the specific challenges Muslim women face in society. We examine the ways in which violence in the home can link with extremist ideology and how parenting issues can leave a child vulnerable to radicalisation.

Given that public bodies now have a statutory obligation to ensure that they’re safeguarding against extremism and terrorism, we at STR!VE are committed to providing the right training and guidance. This will enable you to help and protect the most vulnerable individuals within your community.

Workshop topics include:

  • To empower and encourage Muslim women to understand how they can prevent radicalisation.
  • To enable Muslim women to have a voice in and outside their community, in order to deliver a counter narrative voice to extremist ideology.
  • To inspire Muslim women to contribute and play an active part in wider society, and to be the advocates of change.
  • To support capacity building and leadership work with Muslim women, to make their communities resilient to tackling extremism.
  • To raise awareness of the risks of illegal fundraising.

We provide workshops in:

  • Schools
  • Local councils
  • Youth and community centres
  • Police and probation services

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